Homages and Hijinks

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There are a few brands I really like

And I generally ferociously promote those brands to my friends, family, strangers, really anyone who stand still for more than 2 seconds.

To me, what makes a brand great is:

  • Great Product(s)
  • Great Service
  • Great Mission

Harry's happens to be one of those brands that, to me, fits all three of these criteria.

I bought a Harry's razor set at a little Mancraft store in Philadelphia like 3 months ago - it came with a razor, 2 extra blades, a travel blade cover, and shaving cream. I haven't had to buy new blades since (which I absolutely would have needed to if this was Gilette).

And the replacement blades for HArry's are super cheap: it's $16.00 for a pack of eight, which is literally twice as many blades as Gilette offers for 20$... and Harry's blades last longer!

So, great product, fantastic customer service (it's really easy to order more blades, and it's never taken more than a couple hours to get a response from Harry's customer service). Now comes the mission.

Harry's works with organizations that help individuals prepare for professional environments. This is an endeavor that hits close to home for me, because I used to tutor at risk high schoolers in the Bronx on how to code (and several of them have just graduated college by the way, which is astounding!). Anyways, Harry's is dedicated to not only having great products, but lifting the community up, which is extraordinarily admirable. Plus, Harry's has hackathons, which I love.

Long Story Short...

I decided to make a funny short video paying homage to Harrys, calling out their excellent products and their awesome app. Enjoy!