Crazy Carjackers (and other hijinks)

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In sort of a cross between an Eddie Murphie Movie and Jason Bourne (I wish)...

I decided to film a single character action scene in my latest video.

I've been kind of lazy lately in terms of trying new things - it seems like every timeI get some time to do something cool, the weather does not agree with me (unfortunately, my lack of studio space makes me beholden to the elements for my Try Everything Adventures).

I did pick up some supplies to finally (FINALLY) finish up my graffiti stencil project, and I storyboarded out another project which should be both interesting and eye opening (though maybe not as humoresque as my usual offerings).

I'll round out this post with a couple of thoughts on laziness... I've been bothered by how lazy I've become (especially since moving to Richmond from Manhattan) and have been putting some serious thought into figuring out why it's so much easier to be lazy down here.

Some Thoughts on Laziness

Laziness is insidious and it is sucky. It strikes when you least expect it, and does so in so subversive a manner that you're usually laid low by it before you even realize. In my experience, it's much easier to be lazy in the winter... a combination of less-than-desirable weather, short (mostly gray) days, and seemingly arduous task of bundling up in multiple layers just to get outside encourage you to think "well, it's probably easier if I just stay in".

I've fallen victim to this seasonal laziness time and time again, and, unfortunately, have sometimes let this laziness bleed through into times of nicer weather and even fewer excuses. What I've learned is that, if you find yourself staying in to watch some TV for the fourth or fifth night in a row, it's important to ask yourself why. In my experience, if you really think about why you're not going out to meet those friends for happy hour, or think about why you're not starting on that new project you've been thinking about, you'll find that the excuses that you naturally turn to are, well, bad excuses.

Another big thing that has helped me in the past (which, unfortunately, I don't have access to currently) is to have some sort of space away from home for your projects... whether it be a studio, a warehouse, a co-working shared space, whatever. Getting out into a new environment can make you massively more productive than staying home, especially if you take the time to minimize potential distractions in that working space.

Well, that's it for today

Enjoy the new video down below, don't forget to comment and share and yadda yadda yadda, and keep adventuring!