Art - The Easy* Way

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I Love Art

Whether it be a painting, a sculpture, a photograph... some art pieces have a way of speaking to me. They can impact my emotions - make me feel happy or sad, cheer me up or calm me down.

I always strive to have more art in my home - something about having walls full of art makes me happy. I love looking at different works by different people, and contemplating everything to what inspired the piece to what the thought process was behind choosing the media.

Anyways, point is, I love art. However... art is damned expensive. Even when we're not talking ultra high end art auctions, it's still hundreds of dollars for a decent sized canvas print (let alone an original!)

I figure that there are at least three factors when it comes to the cost of art:

  • Size
  • Media
  • Artist Name

And they all work together to make most art nothing more than a fond pipe dream for me. So, I decided that if I can't BUY it... I'll MAKE it!

The problem is...

I'm not even kind of an artist. I've never painted anything on a canvas and any drawings I make usually end up looking kind of like terrifyingly deformed potatoes.

Not to be discouraged, I decided that dammit, I was not only going to surround myself with amazing art in my home, I was going to do it cheaply, and do it myself!

Art - The Easy* Way

So here it is - a video detailing how I managed to make some pretty nice art for my home, the easy way!

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