Life, Liberty, and Costa Rica

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The Bae's are back in town

There's something about coming back from a vacation that makes you reflect on all the crazy sh*t you witnessed when you were a-traveling.

Dani and I recently took a trip to Costa Rica to embark upon some traveling and (not so much) relaxation, and had a blast.

Objects in mirror are weirder than they appear

The funny thing about the word "weird" is how subjective it is. To us, it's weird to try to drive a moped with multiple up an unpaved mountain road. To a Costa Rican, this could be a daily commute.

One of the craziest things about visiting the developing world is realizing just how much wild and interesting stuff exists in the world that is so at odds with the day-to-day things we take for granted. Even the most well-traveled of us make silly mistakes when visiting developing countries because there are so many things we don't have to think about in our cushy NYC bubble (like the dumbass named Ivan who drank tap water up in the mountains and got a fun case of intestinal parasite, which I highly recommend as an effective diet strategy).

The things that seem strangest when we exit our bubble are generally daily tasks and routines that are effectively the same as our own... I wake up and get a bagel and coffee where a rural Costa Rican family of 4 might wake up, pile onto an old Vespa, and herd some livestock up the road to sell.

The beauty of Adventure

And that's the beauty of adventure. See, all people are created equally. Traveling outside of your bubble to possible uncomfortable places lets you experience what "equality" really means. For instance, lets take the irony of being a young professional in NYC - you move to NYC because the opportunities are limitless, but it's extremely difficult to make enough money to survive in NYC long enough to take advantage of those limitless opportunities. Day to day life can feel like a massive struggle which at times doesn't seem worth it... until you look at that same life from the perspective of, say, a young rural Costa Rican. A teenager who's entire experience of America can be quantified in low-res YouTube clips and Netflix shows that glamourize our lives. To that teenager, our day-to-day struggle for mere survival and existence is tantamount to their winning the lottery.

Traveling is a Buddy Activity

The best way, in my opinion, to experience this culture shock and really see the world is with a companion. Could be a friend, could be a lover (I was lucky enough to be with my love Dani), could be anyone really. I have a long history of solo traveling, but I realized when I was with Dani just how cool it is to be able to share wonderment and incredulity about little things, and how easy it is to get excited when there's someone standing next to you who is super excited about something.

Adventure is what you make of it

At the end of the day, an adventure is what you make of it... and we made it awesome. Vida, Libertad, y Costa Rica.

Expect a comprehensive Costa Rican travel guide soon, but until then, take a look at some of the awesome sh*t that we saw and revel in awe at my drone piloting skillz.